20th International exhibition of energy-efficient heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water supply & treatment, renewable energy, plumbing and swimming pools
15-18 May 2018 • International Exhibition Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine


May 30 – June 2, 2017, as a part of Basein Pool Salon
Everyday, from 11:00 AM to 05:00 PM

The Conference's goal is to unite all those interested and concerned in operating swimming pools, water parks and the other water recreation facilities. It is focused on the construction and maintenance companies, owners of such facilities, and people striving to cognize all the details of swimming pools maintenance.
The conference will cover the aspects of swimming pools and water parks operation, maintenance, safety and management.
The conference will host the valuable prizes drawing*. The prizes will be valuable, helping in the daily work. Particularly, one modern photometer PoolLab will be drawn on each day of the event. On the last day, someone will be offered a great opportunity to pass free СРО training held by the US MBRR association.
The number of seats is limited. It is recommended to get registered on facebook.com page, or by calling to the manager (044) 426-49-51.
11:00-12:30 Photometers for swimming pools maintenance and the other  purposes. Innovative photometers PrimeLab and PoolLab. Andreas Hock, the Director General of  Water-i.d. GmbH
13:00-14:30 Biopools Current Trends in Swimming Pools Construction. Norbert Gaeng, the  Director General of BALENA GmbH  
15:00-16:30 Current Trends in Swimming Pools Construction and Maintenance.
(overview of the worlds conferences and seminars)
Kokhan Istvan, Instruktor NSPF
16:30 Prize drawing (Photometer PoolLab)  
11:00-12:30 Role of Flocculation Gerhard Weiss, the Director General of
13:00-14:30 Electrolytic Equipment Hyprolyser. WAPOTEC

Disinfection Section of Certified Pool/Spa Operator Program (CPO®) (free of charge, as apart of the conference)
Prize drawing (Photometer PoolLab)
Kokhan Istvan, Instruktor NSPF
11:00-12:30 Dryden Aquam Water Treatment Integrated System. Jonathan Sollberger, tech. specialist of Dryden Aqua
13:00-14:30 European Standards of Private Swimming Pools Safety and Operation EN 15288, EN 13451. Alexis Krallis EUSA (European Union of Swimming Pool and Spa Associations)
15:00-16:30 Applicable laws of Ukraine and the Other Countries in the Filed of Swimming Pools  Comparative Analysis. Hleb Leontiev, YurOtdel 
Kokhan Istvan, Instruktor NSPF
16:30 Prize drawing (Photometer PoolLab)  
11:00-12:30 Safety System Applicable to Water Recreation at Water Parks. Swimming Pools and Beaches. Staff Training – Fundamentals of Water Recreation Safety. Andrii Abramov. Mobile Rescue Center of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine
13:00-14:30 Revival, Work, Membership, Plans for 2017-2020. Implementation of the Standards of Ukraine SOU "Water Parks and Swimming Pools" All-Ukrainian Swimming Lesson. Water Parks Association of Ukraine
15:00-16:30 #Safetypools – a social project to cover the problem of swimming pools water quality. Scope of liability and the visitors' rights. Kokhan Istvan,
Instruktor NSPF
16:30 Prizes drawing (Photometer PoolLab and СРО training course). Conference Closing. Hleb Leontiev, YurOtdel 
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*Valuable prizes drawing.
Every day, upon the lectures completion, the valuable prizes drawing will take place. 30.05.2017 - Photometer PoolLab (1 piece). 31.05.2017 - Photometer PoolLab (1 piece).
01.06.2017 - Photometer PoolLab (1 piece). 02.06.2017 - Photometer PoolLab (1 piece).
To take part in the contest one should take an active part in the conference and attend more than 70% of lectures over a day. The program will randomly choose a day winner.
On 02.06.2017 a super prize will be drawn – free attending of Certified Pool/Spa Operator Program (CPO).
To take part in the contest one should take part in the conference and attend more than 50% of the conference's lectures. The program will randomly choose a winner.
In order to attend the conference fill in the registration form.


Kokhan Istvan, Instruktor Jonathan Sollberger, NSPF The National Swimming Pool, tech. specialist