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14-17 May 2019 • International Exhibition Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine

Chinese CNBM buys out solar power station Neptune Solar in Ukraine

CNBM plans to buy still other assets connected to Austrian Active Solar GMBH

CNBM bought 100% shares  of Neptune solar from the Active Solar GMBH registered in Austria. The Austrian Active Solar GMBH is associated with the exiled tycoon and former Security Council Head of Ukraine Mr. Klyuev and his brother.

Last year, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine approved the buy-outs of still other solar plants built by Active Solar for Chinese CNBM. These were Voskhod Solar, Danube Solar Station-1, Danube Solar Station-2, Franko Solar, Franko PiVi, Priozernaya-1, Priozernaya-2, Limansk Energy-1, and Limansk energy-2 in Odessa region. The Austrian Active Solar built all those solar stations in Ukraine.