21th International exhibition of energy-efficient heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water supply & treatment, renewable energy, plumbing and swimming pools
14-17 May 2019 • International Exhibition Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine

Aqua Therm Kyiv: the latest developments in the field of energy saving

Aqua Therm Kyiv: the latest developments in the field of energy saving
From May 30 to June 2, 2017 Kyiv will host AquaTherm Kyiv, the 19th International Exhibition of Energy Efficient Equipment for Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Water Supply, Renewable Power Generation, Plumbing Equipment and Swimming Pools. The exhibition dates, as it had been announced earlier, were changed due to holding in Ukrainian capital the final tournament of Eurovision 2017 Song Contest.

Subject to the significance for the energy sector of Ukraine, this year AquaTherm Kyiv is focused mainly on the energy saving technologies – solutions in this field will cover all the segments:  ranging form heating and air-conditioning and up to water treatment. The latter will be subjected to special attention.  The participants of AquaTherm Kyiv exhibition will present their individual energy saving solutions for the engineering systems earmarked for such key segments as agriculture, food industry, pharmaceutics, machine building, etc. The visitors of AquaTherm Kyiv are the first to obtain the price offers for the upcoming season.

The exhibition is attended by 450 companies from 21 countries of the world: Austria, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, UK, Germany, Iran, Italy, Spain, China, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic.

Major sections of the Exhibition cover the most pressing market segments:
  • Innovative equipment and comprehensive solutions in the field of air-conditioning, ventilation and  refrigeration supply  - Cool Сlima salon;
  • The energy saving products and technologies earmarked for heating and hot water supply, including that implying use of the renewable energy sources (boilers, solar energy collectors, wind power generators, etc.) – Eco Energy salon;
  • The latest equipment earmarked for swimming pools, saunas, SPA, water parks – Basseyn Pool salon;
  • The second year in a row the special salon Bathroom: Design&Technologies will be represented in the form of the separate exhibition. The salon will exhibit the wide range of equipment, plumbing products, furniture and accessories for bathrooms. The special equipment is paid to the energy saving technologies efficiently applied in the global practice of equipping the bathrooms, which may be successfully used by the architectural and engineering bureaus in Ukraine. Koller Pool will be a partner of Bathroom: Design&Technologies salon. This company is a leading manufacturer of high quality plumbing products.
  • For the first time AquaTherm Kyiv exhibition will comprise AquaPro section – the International Specialized Exhibition of Solutions in the Field of Water Treatment and Sewage Water Treatment for the Industry and Municipal Enterprises.  The special attention to the water treatment problem is explained by the fact that in terms of the potable water quality Ukraine is ranked 95 out of 122,  and 80% of water Ukrainians drink form the surface sources (from the Dnipro and Dniester rivers, which condition is poor). That is why over 150 companies represented at AquaPro section exhibit everything necessary for industrial water preparation and water treatment, as well as implementation of water re-use   at the industrial enterprises.

The business program of AquaTherm Kyiv exhibition covers a wide rage of significant events, including:
  • Energy Forum by the National Heat Pumps Association of Ukraine
  • Symposium: Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems Combined with  the Renewable Energy Sources
  • Conference of Public Swimming Pools Operators, as a part of Basein Pool + Salon
  • Ukrvodokanalekolohiia Association every year holds a range of meetings as a part o f the exhibition. The participants thereof discuss the industry's urgent problems.
  • WaterNet Ukrainian Water Society rationally holds seminar for the qualified staff and adjusters under the US+ standards

The full program of the events is available at http://www.aqua-therm.kiev.ua/en-GB/business-programme.aspx
Moreover, the job market will b operated at AquaTherm Kyiv 2017. It will be an ad-hoc service offering enhanced opportunities and prospects of career development.  The same stand will comprise all the jobs offered by the industry's companies and the requests by the professionals. Moreover, at the exhibition you will be able to hold interviews in the dedicated rooms.

Should you plan any energy efficient upgrade of an industrial enterprise, you will be able to get use of the Industrial Navigator. It is a unique service for professional visitors of AquaTherm Kyiv 2017 exhibition.  The manager of Industrial Navigator service will help you to agree on a meeting with the equipment manufacturers and the solutions developers, which will help you to solve the set tasks as soon as possible.

The professionals form the regions of Ukraine will be able to visit the exhibition using the shuttle bus program "Bus Transfer from the regions of Ukraine to AquaTherm Kyiv exhibition". The list of the cities and towns will be disclosed soon.

Moreover, this year Go to Aqua Therm program will be launched! This program implies selection of the fellow travelers on the route to the exhibition from the cities and towns of Ukraine, to have a car ride together.
The general partner of AquaTherm Kyiv 2017 exhibition – Wizard company.

You are welcomed to get an invitation ticket for AquaTherm Kyiv 2017 exhibition at www.aqua-therm.kiev.ua/en-GB, specifying the special promo code QDVQ for signing up.
AquaTherm exhibition will be held from May 30 to June 2, 2017 at the International Exhibition Center, 15 Brovarskyi Avenue, Kyiv. To see the updates of the exhibition news go to www.aqua-therm.kiev.ua/en-GB
The journalists are invited for accreditation using the form at the website   
or by telephone numbers: (044)496 86 45/46, (096) 180 32 02,
Olha Kosinska. 
We would be happy to see you at AquaTherm exhibition!