23 International exhibition of energy-efficient heating, ventilation, air conditioning, industrial cooling, water supply & treatment, renewable energy, plumbing and swimming pools
18–20 May 2021 • International Exhibition Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine

Raftec is a reliable manufacturer of elements of engineering systems for residential premises

Undoubtedly, engineering plumbing is one of the most important elements of a home, its quality depends on the work of all communications, their reliability and longevity ☝️. What kind of engineering plumbing you buy will depend on the work of heating, sewerage and ventilation, so it must be prepared beforehand to buy it in advance so that all the elements can last you for a long time and reliably 👌.

The German company Raftec is a reliable manufacturer of engineering systems for residential premises 🏠.

The entire range of Raftec engineering systems is logically understandable and easy to install and operate, allowing you to solve most problems of varying complexity. The company offers a wide choice of various modern engineering systems of water supply and heating, and a wide network of partners and warehouses will allow to complete requests of different complexity ✨.

The first and fundamental rule of the Raftec team is responsibility and quality assurance. The whole range of engineering systems is made and adapted in accordance with national rules and regulations from certified material. All products are subject to production quality control and are guaranteed by ✅.

Company website: www.raftec.ua