22 International exhibition of energy-efficient heating, ventilation, air conditioning, industrial cooling, water supply & treatment, renewable energy, plumbing and swimming pools
18–20 August 2020 • International Exhibition Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine

Sewer pumps from Sigma Ukraine

Sewage and fecal pumps from Sigma Ukraine
With the help of this equipment it is easy to establish drainage of sewage from the house, as well as to organize the pumping of sewage from the flooded basement.
The sewage pump with a shredder effectively crushes particles up to 100 mm in diameter.
What to look for when buying?
Before you buy, carefully study the performance of the models. Particular attention should be paid to power and productivity, lifting height and temperature of the pumped water.
More details: https://bit.ly/3hzJ6VS
Find a pump online: https://bit.ly/3dvGMwS