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18–20 May 2021 • International Exhibition Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine

New comprehensive solution for water distribution from Herz Ukraine

New comprehensive solution for water distribution from Herz Ukraine
HERZ Ukraine offers a new complex solution for water distribution from the point of supply to the end point of consumption.
To reduce the number of fittings in the system, and, accordingly, to reduce the possibility of leaks and to reduce the cost of the system - connect a sink, washing machine or shower through the HERZ water distribution manifold.
• Available for 2, 3 or 4 connections (eurocone) and with main connection G 3/4 ";
• All valves are located in one place - EASY CONTROL FOR THE USER;
• Self-aligning joints thanks to the use of O-Rings;
• Convenient access to the shut-off valve handwheels - shut-off valves with an angle of 20 °,
• Less fittings - less chance of leaks - direct connection to the tap, sink, bathroom;
• Reducing installation time by 30% - 40% due to the smaller amount of required fittings;
• Each circuit can be marked with stickers during installation;
• Collectors can be installed in a convenient location for unimpeded access, which means fewer building barriers and easier repairs

More details: https://herz.ua/ukr/tovarview/1/1533/2095.html

Find out more at the stand of HERZ Ukraine at Aquatherm 2021