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Updates Valtec Ukraine - bottom filter VT.158.P56

Updates Valtec Ukraine - bottom filter VT.158.P56
The main area of ​​application of bottom filters is the system of water intake from wells and wells.
Filters are installed in front of the pump inlet to clean the flow from insoluble mechanical impurities, protects the pump impeller from premature failure.

Installation instructions:
- The filter can be installed both horizontally and vertically;
- It is recommended to install a check valve before the filter;
- The filter must not be subjected to stress from the pipeline;
- The filter should be installed at a depth of 0.5-1 meter to the bottom.
- Coupling joints should be vinonuvata using FUM or plumbing polyamide thread as sealing materials.

More details on the website: bit.ly/3rBb3Sm