23 International exhibition of energy-efficient heating, ventilation, air conditioning, industrial cooling, water supply & treatment, renewable energy, plumbing and swimming pools
18–20 May 2021 • International Exhibition Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine

Induction heating boilers MIG ENERGY.

MIG ENERGY induction heating boilers are the best alternative to gas heating. High-quality products will allow you to significantly save money. Induction heating boilers cut operating costs in half compared to other electric heaters!

Areas of use:

∙ Private housing:
- heating of apartments;
- heating of private houses;
- heating of country houses of the country type.
∙ In combined heating systems:
- paired with a solid fuel boiler;
- paired with a gas boiler;
- in solar systems;
- underfloor heating systems.
∙ Industrial facilities:
- heating of industrial premises;
- heating of office premises.
∙ Heating of water and raw materials:
- household and industrial premises with a storage tank;
- in hot water preparation systems on livestock farms;
- in systems for maintaining the temperatures of raw materials in the food industry.

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